Geely Network

Sojitz G Auto Philippines (SGAP) emphasized its goal to ramp up its dealer network expansion efforts this year during its midyear dealer conference. This, as more customers all over the country are beginning to notice the Geely brand.

Speaking before SGAP’s dealer partners, SGAP President & CEO Yosuke Nishi said “In the past months, we have been focusing on intensifying our network expansion efforts, opening up dealerships, one after another. This shall continue on the 2nd half of the year as we give utmost importance in establishing our brand with our existing vehicles and increasing our market presence in preparation for better sales coverage on our current and upcoming models,”  

In a report presented by the SGAP’s Network Development officials, SGAP was able to simultaneously open 15 new dealerships and started 17 new dealer franchise projects. Several new projects are scheduled for the year to further boost Geely’s presence nationwide.

SGAP also took the virtual conference as an opportunity to boost its partners’ confidence in terms of its future plans and Geely’s industry sales performance during the first half of the year.

Based on the CAMPI and AVID reports, Geely Philippines was able to secure its top-selling record for the Coolray (subcompact SUV segment) from January to June 2021. The brand has also ended the first half of the year maintaining its number 9 ranking in total industry sales.

Considering the volatile pandemic situation, Geely Philippines is centralized on establishing its brand and reach through its existing models this year, dealer after dealer.

“No matter how the global situation continues to play out, let us always maintain a growth mindset, a mindset that led our young brand to where it is in the market right now,” Nishi said.