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Creating refined cars for everyone

Refined Design; Refined Cars

Making a car is simple. Making a refined car is hard; cars are a moving art piece, they must have a unique spirit that is open to be read by all around them and invoke a certain feeling in the eyes of beholders.

This is where Geely Design excels. Geely Design currently employs over 500 people working on design from all over the world in four key studios: Shanghai, Gothenburg, Barcelona and California.

Great cars start with great design.

Creating refined cars for everyone

A vehicle does not simply consist of metal, plastic, and rubber. It is the total sum of its origin, the people who designed it, and the people who produced it.

Great cars start with great design. It is our job at Geely Design to make great cars a reality by working hand in hand with our engineers.


About Geely Design

Geely Design is a multi-cultural global organization with four well-equipped studios in Shanghai, Gothenburg, Barcelona and California, with total staff of approximately 500. These design studios, with top-class design teams and the latest tools in design development, are responsible for the creation of a unique design language for each of Geely’s brands; Geely Auto, LYNK & CO and London Electric Vehicle Company.

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