Real power comes from within. Whether it’s in wide open roads or that special moment when the light goes from red to green, this is the power you want.

  • 1.5L Turbocharged Direct Injection Gasoline Engine
  • 177 hp
  • 255 Nm of torque
  • 0 – 100 km/h in 7.9 seconds
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Coolray Power Engine

Great cars start with great design. Geely has employed over 500 people working on design from all over the world in five key studios: Shanghai, Coventry, Gothenburg, Barcelona, and California. The Coolray SE is a masterful combination of impressive European technology with modern design principles.

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X-Shaped Energy Bumper
LED Daytime Running Lights
Borderless Cosmos Grille
Rear Bumper Diffuser
Double Stereo Tail Spoiler
Sporty Jet Black Wheels
Electronic Shift
The drive by wire technology lets you shift between drive modes with a simple flick of the wrist. Easy, ergonomic, and elegant. This is what the future feels like in your hand.
Enveloping Cockpit
The interior design of the Coolray was inspired by the aesthetic of a high-tech jet plane. It captures the heart and ignites the spirit.

The Coolray SE’s plethora of fun technology makes everything so much easier – automatic parking, seeing what’s around your car, and even starting your car without being anywhere near it. They’re not just in movies anymore.

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Automated Parking Assist System
Hands AND feet-free parking with just a push of a button. Sit back and relax as the Coolray SE automatically parks itself.
7-inch LCD Instrument Panel
See what you need to see without taking your eyes of the road. And depending on your mood, you can easily switch between Normal, Eco, and Sport mode.
10.25-inch Floating Infotainment Panel
Everything you need to make your ride better is all at the tip of your fingertips: Music, movies, safety settings, and more!
Electric Tailgate w/ Angle-Memory
Got stuff to bring? One push of a button is all you need. You can also set the height of the trunk opening. Super cool, super easy.
Remote Engine Start and Keyless Entry
Start the engine and the AC before you go inside your car. Cool!

When you’re going to Seek Excitement and Discover Fun, might as well do it in the most comfortable way possible.

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Panoramic Sunroof
Open up your world to something beautiful with the Panoramic Sunroof.
Ventilated Seats
Keep yourself cool as you chase the horizon.
That "new car" smell you’ve come to know and love? That’s the smell of harmful chemicals. The Coolray SE is made with water-based paint and non-volatile adhesives. Breathe in the real “new car” smell.

We make sure that you’re safe whenever you’re in the Coolray SE.

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360° Panoramic Camera
The Coolray SE lets you see all points of view. Cameras around the car constantly capture the area surrounding it. The images are then put together and displayed on the Floating Infotainment Panel so you can fully see what’s around you.
Turn Signal Camera
We want every turn you take to be a good one. For added security, we made sure that every time you use your turn signal, the camera will show the side you’re turning to.
Electronic Parking Brake and Autohold
Put your vehicle to a total stop with a press of a button. Stepping on the brakes also holds your car in place, perfect for stop-and-go traffic and inclines.
6 SRS Airbags
Stay protected in case of an emergency.
CN95 Cabin Filter
Highly efficient composite air conditioning filters, intelligent and rapid purification. This is a FIRST for car manufacturers as certified by the German TUV Rheinland Group.
Blind Spot Detection (BSD)
Never worry about a car in your blind spot again. You will always know if someone is there. An alert will be sounded whenever a car enters your blind spot.
B-Segment Modular Architecture (BMA)
The Coolray SE is Geely’s first subcompact crossover that uses the globally leading B-Segment Modular Architecture. It utilizes 70% high-strength steel and 20% hot-formed steel in its construction. And in the case of a direct front collision, the engine falls to the ground instead of being pushed into the interior of the car.