7 January 2016, Hangzhou. Geely Auto is pleased to announce that the Geely GC9 sedan achieved a maximum of five stars in the China New Car Assessment Program (C-NCAP) crash test in late December 2015. The GC9 sedan scored 55.8 points, the highest score in Geely’s portfolio of five star vehicles. The test results mark a new milestone in Geely Auto’s safety technologies, recognizing excellence in quality and safety.

C-NCAP is run by China Automotive Technology and Research Center and is China’s official car safety assessment program. Geely’s GC9 sedan has become the latest member of Geely’s portfolio of five stars vehicles in C-NCAP’s crash test, which already includes Geely LC, EC7, EC8, GX7, SC5-RV and GX9. The tests carried out on the GC9 model were based on C-NCAP’s 2015 Management Regulations, involving three types of crash and whiplash tests. Bonus points were also awarded for additional safety features.

“Geely Auto has a long history of building vehicles that meet or exceed C-NCAP’s five star standards and the GC9 is no exception. We are proud to see the excellent performance of GC9 in the test,” said An Conghui, CEO and President of Geely Auto.  “Our mission is to ‘make refined cars for everyone’. At the heart of this mission, we strive to develop cars with innovative safety features, leading the way in technology, design, and quality.”

Test Results

In the 100% front impact and 40% offset collision, the Geely GC9 sedan achieved scores of 15.04 and 16.05 respectively, out of a total of 18 points.  In the side crash test, the GC9 achieved a perfect score of 18 points. In the whiplash test, the GC9 passed with 3.69 points out of a full potential score of 4 points. In addition, the GC9 gained three bonus points for its seat belt reminder system, side-impact airbags and curtains, as well as the Electronic Stability Control (ESC) system which improves a vehicle’s stability by detecting and reducing loss of traction.



About the GC9

The GC9 was launched in April 2015 and its sales have grown for 8 consecutive months. In November 2015, sales exceeded 5,400 units, making the GC9 the best-selling B-segment vehicle among Chinese domestic brands. Most recently, the GC9 won the 2016 “China Car of the Year” award, beating major international rivals to the top spot.

Geely Auto has created the Geely Total Safety Management System (GTSM); which puts safety at the forefront of all of its vehicle development programs with regards to both passive and active safety systems.

Safety features are incorporated in the body structure, through active steering, and passive collision protection. Both active and passive safety technology solutions were built into the GC9 to give the driver and passengers complete peace of mind at all times. On the passive safety front, the GC9 was built with a submarine cage type energy-absorbing body. High-strength steel applying hot forming technology accounts for 58% of the total materials used in the whole car. The GC9 is fitted with an array of crash protection airbags andforce limited seatbelts to minimize the impact of a collision on both passengers and the driver.  On the active safety front, the GC9 is fully equipped with an urban pre-collision system, adaptive cruise control, a lane departure warning system, blind spot information system and auto-park assist to provide a 360 degree safety protection system. Partnerships with global leading suppliers have strengthened safety features with the  passive safety technology supplied by Autoliv in Sweden, and the active safety technology provided by Bosch in Germany.