GX3 Pro Launch

Manila, Philippines – So what drives you? Is it getting that dream vacation to get you off the daily grind? The business deal you have been itching to close at the office for weeks? Or how about that relaxing trip to an off-grid destination this Saturday?

To make these passion-filled moments even more exciting, top-notch carmaker Geely has unveiled your perfect partner – the much anticipated GX3 Pro.

Known for its commitment to making cars with premium features more accessible to everyone, Geely continues to break down barriers with the GX3 Pro. This model combines Geely’s proven performance with touches of luxury, offering an unbeatable package of cutting-edge features to the young and entry-level market at the affordable price starting at P778K for the 5-speed manual transmission (S variant). The GX3 Pro pushes the boundaries of innovation, performance, and affordability to surpass the expectations of the discerning Filipino motorist.

Engineered Performance at Your Command

Navigating bustling city streets for quick grocery runs or rushing off to last-minute office meetings is a breeze for the GX3 Pro with its dynamic 1.5-liter naturally-aspirated gasoline engine capable of delivering 102 horsepower and 142 Nm of torque. Whether you’re looking for a smooth ride through urban traffic or craving an adventure beyond city limits, the GX3 Pro has got you covered with its versatile 3-driving modes – Normal, Eco, and Sport — to suit your driving preferences. With the GX3 Pro S variant, you’ll get a reverse camera with dynamic guide lines and a backup sensor.

For added comfort, you can opt for the continuously variable transmission (CVT) variant, (also called Comfort variant), which comes equipped with cruise control, a reverse camera with dynamic guide lines, a back-up sensor, and traction and stability control. In addition, the Comfort variant features a sunroof to add a touch of luxury and to enhance the mood during memorable drives. Two airbags also protect drivers and passengers in both variants.

“This model holds a strategic significance for Geely, as it aims to capture an entirely new customer base, particularly Gen Z. With its enticing introductory pricing and an emphasis on an enjoyable driving experience, the GX3 Pro is poised to play a pivotal role in expanding our reach and achieving five-digit annual sales figures,” said Geely President and CEO, Yugo Kiyofuji.

So you have been nursing that picture of a Tagaytay food trip in your mind for weeks? Driving off to rustic paths for that unplanned excursion is effortless. Embrace the convenience of cruise control as you drive through the scenic countryside roads, ensuring a comfortable and stress-free drive on those long-awaited getaways. Plus, with its reliable 4-wheel disc brakes, the GX3 Pro ensures responsive and confident braking performance, providing extra safety and control on every adventure.

Style and Power Redefined

The GX3 Pro is not just a product of engineering. It also artistically melded power and style. At 4,005mm long, 1,760mm wide, and 1,575mm tall, this SUV is a sure attention grabber on any road. While the GX3 Pro’s exterior exudes sophistication, its thoughtfully curated interior marries style and function. Be wowed by its spacious cabin adorned with premium upholstery, and where cutting-edge digital technology enhances each driving moment. This is more than enough space to carry grocery bags after those after-office market runs, or for a set of golf clubs or a folding bike for some Saturday Me time.

Geely is also committed to keep Filipino motorists and their families safe on the road as they push their passions forward with the GX3 Pro. Equipped with advanced safety technologies and state-of-the-art entertainment systems, the GX3 Pro is more than just an attractive car. Geely has invested significant efforts to ensure that this car delivers a driving experience that is nothing short of exceptional. From smooth handling and responsive acceleration to a comfortable and feature-rich interior, every aspect has been carefully designed to create a memorable journey for both the driver and passengers.

Alongside its focus on the GX3 Pro’s style and function, Geely is also committed to after-sales customer experience with the launch of G-SERV+.

“We are excited to unveil G-SERV+, our brand’s commitment to after-sales customer experience. Geely Philippines, as a trailblazer among Chinese brands in this market, takes pride in having garnered over 20,000 customers to date, a number that is set to grow exponentially. Over the past year and beyond, we have dedicated significant efforts to revamp our aftersales operations. With G-SERV+, we are confident that Geely owners will enjoy peace of mind throughout their ownership journey, further solidifying our customer base and fostering a sense of belonging within the Geely family,” said Geely President and CEO, Yugo Kiyofuji.

Your Adventure Awaits

Be among the first to elevate your driving journeys to new heights. Ignite your passion and embrace the spirit of exciting adventures. Experience these and more with the new Geely GX3 Pro.