• The automotive markets best looking MPV to date shown for first time
  • Designed in the heart of Shanghai for urban environment
  • Will use electrified powertrain when launched

14 November 2018, Hangzhou. Geely Auto has released the first official images of its strategic global MPV named “Jia Ji (嘉际)” in Chinese. The young, stylish, intelligent, and green Jia Ji MPV represents a new branch in Geely Auto’s product layout which has so far focused on SUV and sedan models.

Geely’s first global MPV has subverted the traditional design aesthetics of MPVs, abandoning the ‘box on wheels’ design philosophy and creating a new sleek family orientated MPV that meets the modern family’s mobility requirements while giving them a whole new visual and driving experience.

Young families demand the best; safety, clean materials, high-quality, high-value, intelligence, style, and comfort when choosing their vehicles, Geely Auto has brought all of these elements and more in the new Jia Ji MPV.

The Geely Jia Ji MPV was designed at Geely’s Shanghai design studio, one of five global design studios that employ over 600 people across the world.

Geely’s Jia Ji MPV adopts the brand’s new “racing through space and time” design language shown across Geely’s latest products, the Bo Rui GE and Bin Rui. This new model follows Geely Auto’s fashionable, stylish, and dynamic family design including meteor head lamps, expanding cosmos grille, wide lower grille, streamlined coupe-style body, sculpted waistline, and floating roof.

The interior was designed with a wide-array of integrated technology. Focusing on the driver, special attention was paid to the full-vision dashboard, luxurious central control panel, and roof control console. In the middle of the full-vision dashboard is a 12.3 inch floating widescreen infotainment panel with black piano key buttons below giving off a sense of intelligence and luxury. The roof control console on drivers upper right side comes with a motion activated ceiling light which not only improves safety by removing the need to search around for the light switch in the dark, it also highlight the intelligent technology included in the new MPV. The double deck central control panel with extra storage space under the upper level control area shows the attention given to the driver in the MPV. In addition to an electric shift lever, the central control panel also contains an intelligent cup-holder which can be used to heat-up or cool-down drinks reflecting the intimate attention to detail and service given to Geely’s MPV users.

The new MPV will adopt 3 seating options to meet the varied needs of young consumers, 2+2+2, 2+2+3, or 2+3+2. For family mobility, meeting with friends, business travel, or any other large vehicle transport needs, Geely’s MPV is made to meet all of them.

In line with Geely’s “Blue Geely Initiative” where Geely committed to transferring upwards of ninety-percent of its sales to new energy vehicles, including hybrids and pure electric vehicles by 2020, the Geely MPV will also make full use of new energy technologies.  Geely’s MPV will be come in 48V mild hybrid (MHEV), plugin hybrid (PHEV) with a 1.5TD engine versions paired with a highly efficient 7DCT transmission or a conventional power version with a 1.8TD engine paired with a 6-speed automatic transmission.

The MHEV version equipped with a 1.5TD and 48V BSG mild-hybrid powertrain combination will have a maximum power of 140kW, maximum torque of 300N.m and a combined city/highway fuel consumption of only 5.9L/100km. The PHEV version equipped with a 1.5TD+7DCTH plug-in hybrid powertrain combination and 11.3kW.h ultra-high capacity lithium battery will have a maximum power of 190kW, maximum torque of 385N.m, and combined city/highway fuel consumption of just 1.6L/100km. The convention power version equipped with Geely’s 1.8TD+6AT powertrain combination will have a maximum power of 135kW and maximum torque of 300N.m. Comprehensively, in terms of power, economy, and NVH performance, Geely’s new MPV has already reached globally leading levels.

Geely Auto has become the best performing Chinese brand with high-quality, high-value, and high-tech vehicles such as the Bo Rui, Bo Yue, and Emgrand GS, the launch of the new global MPV is one step towards pushing Geely into international markets.

The Jia Ji MPV will be launched in early 2019 and will make use of Geely’s latest turbo and electrified technologies to promote greener mobility within China.