Peter Hobury

Peter Hobury

Executive Vice President of Design

Peter Horbury is a name which reverberates around the automotive industry, a veteran designer with over 40 years of car design experience.

As the Executive Vice President of Design at Geely, Peter Hobury oversees the development of Geely Auto Group’s core brands: Geely Auto and the new LYNK & CO brand. Based in Gothenburg, Sweden, Peter manages the development of all four global Geely design studios, from Shanghai to Barcelona to Gothenburg to California. Through the introduction of the latest communication technologies, Peter is able to review design progress at all four studios in real time.

Peter always knew he wanted to be a designer; at the age of ten he first picked up a pencil and began to take car sketching seriously, he looked at his current favorite cars and began to design ‘the next’ version, he would take certain characteristics and design cues and massage them into the next generation of model.

In 1979 Peter joined Volvo Cars as his first job, decades later after spending time at various global automotive brands Peter returned to Volvo Cars as the design chief where he was famed for taking Volvo away from its traditional boxy designs into a new era of sleek design language.

After the sale of Volvo to Zhejiang Geely Holding Group in 2009, Peter was invited to establish the Geely Design studios across the world. These new design studios would design and develop the new design language for Geely Auto vehicles, moving to transition the brand to being a market leader within China.

Peter’s design philosophy is simple; he believes that Geely Auto vehicles should be strong, proud and refined vehicles that show a hint of where they come from. These subtle hints should be a signature of the vehicle’s history and culture to give Chinese consumers a sense of pride but also offering a package and comfort level which is in line with their requirements.

Under Geely Auto’s “Making Refined Cars for Everyone” brand mission, Peter Hobury’s global design team have produced segment-leading vehicles such as the flagship Emgrand GT, X7 Sport and also the Emgrand GL and Emgrand GS crossover.