Justin Scully

Justin Scully

Interior Design

When starting his design career, Justin never realized that one day he would have to delve into the mind of the Chinese consumer to create cars that they could closely resonate with.

Justin attended the Royal College of Art where he studied vehicle design, graduating in 1999.

After working with some of the biggest and most well-known automotive brands where brand history is etched in stone and culture is brought from one generation of vehicle to the next, Justin joined Geely Design Shanghai.

It was here at Geely Design where he developed a new interior design language and ultimately – a new global standard in interior comfort for the wider automotive industry.

China’s history and culture was the biggest inspiration for Justin and the wider design team. Whilst other manufacturers had raced to make global vehicles that focus on imitating global design trends, the Geely Design Shanghai team looked to incorporate Chinese culture into Geely vehicles as part of Peter Horbury’s vision to make cars with a subtle hint of where they came from.

With this ‘global yet local’ vision in mind, the interior design team looked to China’s history, geography and culture to craft vehicles that appeal to Chinese and global audiences alike: “We went down many different paths exploring the vast wonderful history of this country. We try to draw a lot from Chinese culture and bring it into the product with a feeling of restrained elegance, as well as a Chinese sense of flamboyance.”

The famed bridges that span the West Lake in Geely’s hometown of Hangzhou are represented by the high rising dramatic dashboards across the center of Geely Auto vehicles, sculpted jade can be seen in the door handles and the historic pattern of Chinese knots can be visualized on speaker covers and within the grills – for most people these design intricacies are invisible until pointed out but they do tell the Geely story of a proud domestic brand that is on a global journey.