Guy B.

Guy Burgoyne

Shanghai Design Chief

Guy Burgoyne is a man shrouded in mystery; British by birth, Swedish by career and Australian by accent, he is a product of the global automotive industry.

Working in global environments has nurtured Guy’s ability to see everything from different prospectives and allowed him to develop a globally capable design team in Shanghai.

Guy’s first role after graduating from Coventry University with a Masters in Automotive Design was in Gothenburg Sweden where he worked alongside Peter Horbury in bringing about a revolution at Volvo; out with the boxy design style and in with a new sleek design philosophy.

After a career which took him from Sweden to Australia he was asked once again to introduce a new revolution in developing the brand language of a fast-growing Geely Auto. In 2013, Guy moved to Geely Design Shanghai and began to build a global team capable of developing a design language that was rich in Chinese culture and suitable for the Chinese market, but also appealable to the global markets.