16 August  2015, Xi’an, China. Geely Auto today opened its largest dealership in Shanxi Province, central China. The brand new dealership is situated in the western part of the metropolis of Xi’an City, one of the ancient capitals of China.

The new dealership boasts more than 5500 square meters of which 1500sq meters being devoted directly towards the sales center where Geely’s full range of vehicles are on sale. The Chairman of the new dealership and the operating company, Xi’an Guo Li Group, Mr. Wang Deshang expressed his groups sales results of Geely Auto products: “In the first quarter, Defeng sales grew by 70%, in the second quarter sales grew 40%. The recently launched GC9 has full orders through to September and the New Emgrand continues to maintain its position as the best selling Chinese car thanks to its solid reputation and strong quality. In addition, Geely will continue to release new vehicles with a new SUV launching at the end of the year with multiple new platforms and products coming shortly afterwards. We are very confident in Geely Auto’s development and future.”

Geely Auto has bucked the trend over the course of 2015 with continually improving sales; in the first six months of 2015 Geely Auto sales were boosted 36% in year on year comparison with sales reaching just over 280,000 units with the New Emgrand sales rising to 110,000 units or an increase of 60%.

Sales of Geely Auto products in the Shanxi Provincial area continue to grow strongly, in the first 7 months of the year sale increased 42% with New Emgrand, and GX7 SUV products strong the strongest growth rate.