• New MPV model available with pure gasoline, MHEV and PHEV options
  • MHEV uses 5.9L per 100km and PHEV model offers 56km of pure electric range
  • 7 seat and 6 seat arrangements offered

11 March 2019, Zhuhai. Geely Auto’s first family orientated MPV, called the Jia Ji, was launched in Zhuhai.

The Jia Ji will be offered from the outset with three powertrain options, a traditional gasoline 1.5T engine, mild hybrid 1.5T, and a plug-in hybrid 1.5T with a pure electric driving range of 56km. The globally strategic MPV is targeted towards younger generations and younger families. It was designed to be a trend-setting, warm, intelligent, and dynamic model meeting all the needs of the modern family.


New Energy

Geely’s new MPV is also China’s first ever hybrid MPV on the market, allowing urban families to enjoy the benefits of new energy vehicles. To meet the needs of different consumer markets, the new MPV is offered with several powertrain options including 1.5TD PHEV, 1.5TD MHEV, 1.8TD traditional fuel engine with automatic transmission, and 1.5TD traditional fuel engine with manual transmission.

The top performance version of the MPV is the new energy PHEV version, which comes equipped with Geely’s Auto’s 1.5TD engine specially developed for hybrid models. The 1.5TD engine is paired with a highly efficient 7DCTH transmission developed in Geely Auto’s China Euro Vehicle Technology Centre (CEVT). Combined with a hybrid electric system, the PHEV version offers a maximum power of 190kW and maximum torque of 385 N·m. Combined city and highway fuel consumption is a low 1.6L per 100km with a fast charging time of just 90 minutes and pure electric range of 56km. As the first plug-in MPV in China, the PHEV is set to become the preferred choice for urban families.

The Jia Ji MPV is also offered with a mild hybrid option, this MHEV version comes equipped with Geely’s 1.5TD engine and independently developed 48V BSG mild-hybrid system matched to a highly efficient 7DCT transmission. Geely’s 7DCT has achieved the highest transmission efficiency rate in the industry with a transmission efficiency of 97%. The MHEV version offers a maximum power of 140kW and maximum torque of 300 N·m. Combined city and highway fuel consumption is only 5.9L per 100km.

In order to meet the diversified needs of consumers in all markets, the new MPV also comes with traditional ICE power options, 1.8TD with automatic transmission and 1.5TD with manual transmission. Consumers may be familiar with Geely’s 1.8TD, which won the 2016 “China Heart” top ten engine award and is equipped in several Geely models. The award-winning engine is matched with a 6AT offering a maximum power of 135kW and maximum torque of 300 N·m.


Intelligent Safety

As the preferred choice of vehicle for many families, MPVs safety is of utmost concern to the consumer and to Geely. The new MPV follows Geely’s high standard of safety and comes equipped with Geely’s unique “360-degree security identification zone” technologies. Geely’s safety technology not only helps prevent accident, they also allow the model to achieve L2 level of intelligent drive, the first China market MPV to offer this level of technology.

Several advanced drivers assist systems allow drivers to travel safely and comfortably. ICC Intelligent Cruise Control, ACC Adaptive Cruise Control, and LKA Lane Keep Assistant lets the Jia Ji safely travel at the driver’s desired speed in the city or on the highway, follow vehicles at speeds up to 150km/h, and even change lanes automatically. With the push of just a button, the Bosch APA automated park assist automatically searches for parking spaces and parks the vehicle by itself. The driver can watch the vehicle self-park on the 360° panoramic 3D video display.

Controlling and identifying risks is also an important part of safety and accident avoidance. The MPV comes with Bosch’s latest 9.3 edition ESP electronic stability program, RCW rear collision warning, RCTA rear cross traffic alert, AEB automatic emergency braking with pedestrian identification, FCW front collision warning, LCA lane change assistant, BSD blind spot detection, SLIF speed limit identification, IHBC intelligent high-beam control, etc ensuring that driving is safe anytime anywhere. Multiple layers of safety create a three-dimensional safety barrier for the user and their families.


Uncompromised Performance

In response to young consumers demand for fun to drive vehicles, Jia Ji made no compromises in handling performance. Chassis adjustment was supervised by world-leading automotive engineering firm, Multimatic. Testing was conducted over three years and after 300 rounds of adjustments, accumulated from over 150,000 km of tests, Jiaji was optimized for all road conditions around the world. A perfect balance of comfort and handling was reached. In addition, 48 units of the MPV underwent a total of 2.05 million km of endurance testing, ensuring the quality and reliability of Jia Ji.


Warm hearted mobility

Designed for young families, Jia Ji takes comfort to a new level. The MPV comes in three seating options to meet the needs of different families, 2+2+2, 2+2+3, or 2+3+2. In addition, the front and second row in the 2+2+2 or 2+2+3 configuration can lean back 165°. The seats also come equipped with space sleep headrests allowing passengers and families to have a more relaxed and comfortable journey.

The Jia Ji have also taken special consideration to children’s travel needs. When children fall asleep, relatives can activate the “children” mode on the GKUI system, which automatically adjust the air conditioner, volume, automatically closes the windows, plays children songs, etc. In addition, the Jia Ji also comes with an active noise reduction system using sound wave cancellation technology. When a quiet space is needed, Jia Ji is second to none.

Family with children pay special attention to the environment. The Jia Ji ensures that children are in the most pristine environment by adopting baby-safe environmentally friendly interior materials as well as AQS air quality management system. The AQS provides clean air through a PM2.5 filter and negative ion high-efficiency purifier. In the Jia Ji, hot and cold is not only for air conditioner, drinks can also be kept hot or cold with temperature controlled drinks holders.


Redefining the MPV

Geely’s first global MPV has subverted the traditional design aesthetics of MPVs, abandoning the ‘box on wheels’ design philosophy that has so far been prevalent in the auto industry and moving to redefine the aesthetics of the vehicle. The Jia Ji adopts Geely’s “racing through space and time” design language resulting in a fashionable, stylish, and dynamic looking MPV. Based on a “Multi-balance” concept, the Jia Ji integrates the sleekness of sedan, the power of an SUV, and the space of an MPV into one unique vehicle.

The Jia Ji’s front face is sleek, stylish, and full of tension. The front grille is designed with three seemingly floating chrome rings gradually expanding outwards from the logo and a star-shaped lattice grille interior, the combination of which evokes an image of stars floating in the cosmos and gives people a sense of space and time. Meteor headlamps puts a new spin on Geely’s expanding cosmos identity and add to Jia Ji’s dynamic projected image.

From the side, Jia Ji’s SUV influence is shown immediately with a parallel double waistline sweeping from front to rear, giving of a feeling a power and speed. 18-inch wheels with star shaped rims raise the vehicle’s ground clearance to 165mm giving Jia Ji a comparable stance to an SUV.

Inside, a space-time inspired cockpit integrates a wide array of technology. Perceived space has been expanded with a wide full-vision dashboard and super large panoramic sunroof. In the middle of the full-vision dashboard is a 12.3-inch floating widescreen infotainment panel. Above the front row passengers is a high-tech roof control console with motion activated ceiling light. Other passengers looking upwards will notice the panoramic 0.84m2 intelligent sunroof, the largeness of the sunroof presents a unique field of vision and adds to the perceived space inside.

Raising the benchmark in terms of intelligent safety, power, handling, interior layout, and design, Geely’s newest model redefines the market expectations in an MPV. The Jia Ji not only represents a new standard for MPVs, it also represents Geely’s entry into a new era of refined cars. With the Jia Ji, Geely has gone from a two-legged development strategy based sedans and SUVs, to a three-pronged strategy of sedans, SUVs, and MPVs.