• Bo Yue SUV updated for 2018 model year
  • Geely Smart Ecosystem debuted for the first time

16th March, 2018, Sanya, Hainan. The first Geely Auto Eco-Partner Conference held in Sanya saw the debut of the Geely Smart Ecosystem (GKUI) and the first model to be equipped with it, the 2018 Bo Yue SUV. Together with the GKUI, the Bo Yue is setting new benchmarks in intelligent connectivity and consolidating its status as the leading “Smart Connected SUV.”

Geely Smart Ecosystem (GKUI) together with the 2018 Bo Yue was launched under the theme of “Connect and Create, Open and Share.” Created together with intelligent connectivity, big data, and partners in the areas of artificial intelligence, it is an industry leading open, shared, and connected in-car UI platform made to meet the daily needs of car users. Through its global deployment, the platform will put the internet into the car, changing the car into a comfortable and smart mobility solution, and creating a third living space for users.

GKUI aims to create the most open application ecosystem in the industry. The platform currently supports Alibaba’s AutoNavi navigation, iFlytek voice recognition, ZTE connectivity to 4/5G networks, Ximalaya Radio, Tencent social network, JD Smart Home, high-speed data query, Guahao WeDoctor medical support, Babytree child education, and other innovative apps. The platform is designed to be used exactly like a smartphone, a format most users are familiar with, creating a comfortable, easy-to-use app experience and changing the car into a smart mobility solution for users. In the future, Geely has committed to developing more and more apps in the new application ecosystem.

The Bo Yue was developed with the focus as a refined Smart SUV made for individuals that place aesthetics, technology, and connectivity at the forefront of their daily lives. Together with its “Hello, Bo Yue” system, the Bo Yue quickly led China market SUVs into a new era and successfully opened a new blue ocean market for Smart SUVs with Geely setting the benchmark. Based on our data, the number of Bo Yue users who purchased it with intelligent connectivity features exceeded 400,000, accounting for more than 90% of the total of Bo Yue sold, and nearly 330,000 of them use a significant amount of high-speed data. Statistics from the last six months show the average monthly data used was 960MB, evidence of the increasing demand for connected services and the growing trend of smart travel.

Besides the new system, the 2018 Bo Yue have also received significant technological upgrades along with changes to its exterior and interior image. The new model has been upgrade with the G-Safety identification circle which includes a multi-zone 360 degree detection to see on-coming safety hazards before they happen, making driving safer and worry-free. Other new features include hi-end sound system from Morel, smart windows with a safe ventilation mode, assisted driving switch, keyless trunk entry, 6 USB ports, and other humanized technologies which has raised the comfort and refinement of the car.

Improvements to the exterior appearance include an all-new front grille design inspired by jet engine air intake manifolds, 19-inch sports wheels, and elegant tail lamps that wrap around the body keeping in line with Geely Auto’s graceful yet sporty design language. New tan brown interior color option is a new take on Bo Yue’s Chinese heritage inspired interior design and adds to the feeling of comfort and warmth in the cabin.

Within the Chinese market, the new model comes with same two powertrain options as the previous model. Geely’s tried and tested 2.0L naturally aspirated engine and Geely self-developed 1.8 Turbo Direct Injection engine used on higher range models. Geely’s 1.8TD engine was twice voted one of China’s top ten engines in 2015 and again in when updated in 2016. This powerful engine is capable of producing 184Ps at 5500RPM and offers 285Nm of torque whilst bringing leading fuel economy.

Speaking at the launch ceremony, Geely Auto Group CEO, Mr. An Conghui said “With over 1 million in annual sales as the starting point, Geely Auto is aiming not only just to be a leader among Chinese brands, it will become China’s leading new energy and intelligent connectivity technology brand. Through technology-led branding, innovation-driven development, and a shift from manufacturing to actual creation, Geely is moving from high-speed growth to high-quality growth. Geely will strive towards reaching our “20200” strategy goals quicker and become a top ten global automaker as soon as possible. The release of Geely Smart Ecosystem today demonstrates that Geely is on its way to becoming an innovative company drive by new technology“

Along with the launches of the new system and new Bo Yue, Geely Auto also held its Eco-Partner Conference, 2018 Business Conference, Global Supplier Conference, and “New Capital, New Technology” automotive industry summits in Sanya. Around 4,000 participants from around the world, including suppliers, national distributors, finance and internet companies, will join Geely in Sanya. The gathering showcased the growing strategic cooperation between Geely and its partners, Geely integration of global resources, and the creation of a symbiotic, prosperous, win-win industrial ecological chain.