2018 August 31, Hangzhou. Geely Auto Group (Geely) will work with Smart Eye on the development of a new range of high-end safety systems using Smart Eye’s AI-powered driver monitoring (DMS) technology. The new systems, in part, will allow semi-autonomous drive to become possible. Geely and Smart Eye will further develop the technology to produce semi-autonomous capable cars in 2019.

“Geely is proud to announce this partnership with Smart Eye as safety has always been our our primary concern. It’s only a natural step that we collaborate with the world leader in AI-powered eye tracking technology to ensure the safety and security of all occupants in our vehicles.” said An Conghui, President and CEO of Geely Auto Group.

By studying movement of the eye, face and head, Smart Eye’s technology will assist in gaining insight into Geely drivers’ attention state, focus and hypothetical drowsiness on the road. Its goal is to understand and assist the driver in risky traffic situations and act accordingly. A significant majority of the world’s traffic accidents still occur due to driver’s distraction or impairment, such as engaging with a mobile device, other passengers or facing sudden illness. Smart Eye’s driver monitoring technology is therefore developed to prevent traffic collision and save lives. The DMS technology will work in conjunction with and enhance the first level 3 ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System) system for Geely.

“A driver monitoring system is a safe and necessary step towards highly automated cars, and with more than 19 years’ of experience in eye-tracking, we are more than ready for the mass-market. It’s a great honor to enter the Chinese market together with Geely, one of the main Chinese OEMs holding a large market share in China. And let’s put it this way about our presence in China – we’re here to stay.” says Martin Krantz, CEO and Founder of Smart Eye.