Geely Philippines hosted an exclusive dinner and socials event at the Geely North EDSA showroom on January 29, 2024. The event served as a platform to formally introduce the new President and CEO of Sojitz G Auto Philippines (SGAP), Mr. Naoyuki Takeda. Distinguished motoring media journalists were in attendance to witness the unveiling of Geely Philippines’ vision for growth.

In his inaugural address, President Naoyuki Takeda shared a vision that extends beyond the conventional boundaries of the automotive industry. “Our commitment goes beyond words; it’s evident in the actions we’re taking, the changes we’re making, and the improvements we’re implementing,” remarked President Takeda. “We are building something significant, and it’s an invitation for each of you to join us in reshaping the automotive landscape.”

Key Highlights from President Takeda’s Address:

President Takeda underscored Geely Philippines’ unwavering commitment to excellence, backed by tangible achievements. Notably, the significant improvement in the capability to supply parts, resulting in service fill rates exceeding 90%, demonstrates the brand’s dedication to enhancing the after-sales service experience. Furthermore, President Takeda pledges to relentlessly strive for a 5-star customer experience as his top priority.

Emphasizing the value of media partnerships, President Takeda invited an open conversation, encouraging motoring media journalists to actively engage. “Your insights are invaluable, and your feedback is crucial. Let’s have an open conversation, share ideas, and collectively build something extraordinary,” he stated, acknowledging the media’s role as integral partners in Geely Philippines’ growth.

President Takeda described Geely Philippines’ growth as a shared journey and partnership. “We see our role not just as automotive providers but as contributors to the dreams and aspirations of individuals seeking a better and more fulfilling life through their vehicles,” he affirmed.

The evening culminated with the preview of Geely Philippines’ first electric vehicle, the Geometry C. President Takeda announced this groundbreaking milestone as a testament to Geely’s dedication to innovation and sustainability, setting a new standard for the automotive landscape in the Philippines.

As Geely Philippines enters this new chapter under the leadership of President Naoyuki Takeda, the event symbolizes a paradigm shift in the brand’s narrative – from commitment to action, from promises to achievements. The unveiling of the Geometry C serves as a herald of Geely Philippines’ continued evolution and its contribution to a sustainable and aspirational automotive future.