• Design based on a concept of being “multi-dimensional, fluid, and alive”
  • GE11 is the first globally strategic model from Geely’s newly-created new energy brand, “Geely New Energy”
  • Geely’s newest pure electric model features an ultra-low drag co-efficient of 0.2375cd

27 February 2019, Shanghai China. At a design preview event held at the Himalaya Museum in Shanghai, Geely’s soon to be launched pure electric model, codenamed GE11, was presented to local audiences for the first time. The GE11 will be the first globally strategic model from Geely’s newly-created new energy brand “Geely New Energy.”

The design of the GE11 pushes the limits of Geely’s expanding cosmos design identity into a new dimension of new energy vehicles. Working hand in hand with the engineers developing the model, an integrated approach was taken to designing the GE11. Moving away from design around ICE models, all aspects of the GE11 was designed to accentuate that the new model is a fully electric vehicle. Geely designers were inspired to create a product full of sleek surfaces with fluid flowing lines, with functional layers and geometric details that give a sense of minimalistic elegance, with technical colours and tactile materials which accentuate depth, and with a humanistic design which deepens the relationship between users and products. Their inspirations resulted in a new design concept for pure electric vehicles, which are “multi-dimensional, fluid, and alive.”

Merging the art of design with the science of engineering have resulted in a technical feeling with a fluid form, offering an ultra-low drag co-efficient of 0.2375cd. Sleek lines used for performance double in accentuating its beauty. The slim headlamps on the new model expand laterally like blades of light. Geely’s expanding cosmos grille identity now spreads across the entire front facia as a distinctly new visual experience that is both visually stimulating and helps the vehicle effortlessly as it cuts through the air.

The fluid form continues throughout the side, with smooth upper waistline that fuses seamlessly with a raised lower waistline towards the tail. The panoramic roof flows into a slip back arc which presents a fluid visual effect as to help direct airflow. Fully flushed handles that emerge when the user approaches enhances technological feel that is consistent throughout the model while providing better aerodynamics. The wheels are designed with five wide spokes while being semi-enclosed also help maintain the aerodynamics of the vehicle in motion.

Matching the purity of fully electric vehicles, the interior design takes on a minimalistic elegance. But simplicity doesn’t mean boring as scaled and geometric patterns made with mathematic and technical formulas are found throughout the model adding depth in unexpected places. Liberal use of floating elements and layers create a multi-dimensional sensation. Traditional information displays have been re-prioritized and proportioned for a unique electric driving experience. A small floating screen replaces the traditional information panel. Dominating the central dashboard is a 12.3 inch high-definition floating infotainment panel designed to meet the needs of today’s digitally connected consumers. A double layered central armrest control hides a storage space that offers wireless charging below it. Most mechanical button in the control have been changed to light up digital touch buttons, enhancing the technological feel of the model.

Environmentally friendly not only due to its energy use, the GE11 is also made environmentally friendly through its materials. The interior of the GE11 uses materials that meet the EU’s most stringent environmental protection standards; the OEKO-TEX Standard 100. Materials that meet this standard are considered safe even for newborn babies. The eco-friendly fabrics are also waterproof, antifouling, and breathable. The fabric choice prevent the seats from rapidly diverging from the ambient temperature while also being soft to touch and comfortable to sit on.

The GE11 will be launching in the upcoming months as the first model of Geely’s newly created new energy brand, “Geely New Energy.” The new brand comes with a new silver logo highlighting the simplified elegance and streamlined purity of the brand’s pure electric models. Launching initially in first and second tier cities in China, the GE11 is targeted towards a new generation of consumers who demand technology, seek minimalistic elegant designs, and see themselves as part of the avant-garde.

Further details on the launch of the GE11 will be unveiled at a future time.