How much will the cabin filter cost? Geely will upgrade the cabin filter of Coolray owners for FREE. Succeeding replacement and its price shall be discussed by your Geely Dealer. 
How long is the effectivity of the CN95 filter? To maintain the CN95 filter efficiency, replacement of CN95 Filter shall follow the filter change service schedule, once a year or 15000 Km PMS whichever comes first.
How often should the CN95 filter be replaced? Because N95 face masks only lasts for 8-12 hours when used. To maintain the CN95 filter efficiency, replacement of CN95 Filter shall follow the filter change service schedule, once a year or 15000 Km PMS whichever comes first.
Where is the cabin filter located? Geely’s cabin filters are located beneath the glove box.
How do we install the cabin filter?   We highly recommend installation of Cabin filter to be done by your authorized Geely technician. Installation by unauthorized Geely technician, may affect the vehicle performance and warranty.
What is the advantage of having a CN95 filter installed in a vehicle? The filtering efficiency of CN95 can reach the medical filtration level, which is higher than that of the ordinary filter, and more effective for related virus vectors and bacteria, creating a healthy driving environment for owners. 
How effective is this filter? CN95 filters can filter particles, dust, aerosols and virus hosts with diameters larger than 0.3 microns, and the filtering effect can reach the medical mask level.  
Do you have a comparative analysis between the regular cabin filter and CN95 cabin filter? The CN95 filter use the same materials as the medical mask, with a high filtration for particles, dust, aerosols and virus hosts with diameters larger than 0.3microns, and it has been certificated by CATARA,and the IAPS system (Intelligent Air Purification System) with this kind of N95 filter got the first China-mark (China)certification N°001 for its particles, dust, aerosol and virus prevention/filtration level from  German T Ü V Rheinland Group,   the regular cabin filter cannot reach the medical level especially for the particles about 0.3 microns.  
How many microns can the CN95 filter? In the event that a vehicle equipped with CN95 cabin filter passes by a COVID-19-infected person, will it prevent the people inside the vehicle from contracting the virus? CN95 filters can filter dust, harmful gases, particulate matter (PM) 2.5 particles, droplets with diameters larger than .74 microns which are often attached to corona viruses.   CN95 filter can filter the particles with diameters 0.3microns or larger, the larger the particle, the higher the filtering effect.   the virus usually does not exist alone, it must have a carrier, generally the carriers are particles or droplets with diameters of 0.7microns, suspending the air, can be filtered by CN95 high efficiency filter with the internal circulation.
Is the CN95 washable and reusable?   No, same with the other cabin filters, it should be replaced following the regular PMS schedule by an Authorized Geely Dealer Service. Please expect a call from your Dealer Service Team for your next PMS schedule.  
IIs CN95 similar to the air filtration system of a passenger aircraft? There is no analysis or comparison done for the time being. But both use the same HEPA material. We will coordinate this matter to Geely Philippines and will update you for any development.
Since CN95 is thicker than the regular filters, will it affect the performance of the air conditioning? There is a positive effect in the vehicle performance with CN95 filter. A well-maintained cabin filter improves the air circulation inside the vehicle while keeping the air fresh and clean to breathe for the well-being of driver and passengers.
Will these filters be available across all Geely dealership outlets? Yes, it will be available to all Geely Dealers. You may contact your dealer CRO to book an appointment.
Will the cabin filters be available anytime? Or will the acquisition be done by appointment? Appointment is highly recommended. Please contact your Dealer Customer Relations Office for appointment schedule. 
Can customers buy more than one filter for their stock? Yes, but must keep the filter package intact and store in a dry and well-ventilated place. Detailed storage guidelines shall be discussed by your Dealer Service Advisor.
Can I decide not to use N95 filter? It is still the customer option, but Geely advises to use CN95 filters to really filter out air going inside the cabin.
Can I buy other CN95 filter brand? (after market) No, we highly recommend the use of authentic Geely parts and accessories. Any use of non-genuine Geely parts and accessories will affect your vehicle performance and warranty.
How can I avail of the free CN95 filter upgrade? 1. Call preferred dealership to book an appointment.
2. On the appointment date, be at your preferred dealership at least 15 minutes before the appointment time.
3. A service Advisor will receive you and explain the upgrading of CN95 Air Filter of your Geely Coolray.
4. Upgrading of CN95 Air Filter will only take 30 minutes or less.