• Geely Auto opened 149 new 4S dealerships in single day
  • Geely unveils “Geely Satisfaction” project which aim to raise user satisfaction beyond user expectations.

2018 August 5, Houpu, Jiangxi. Geely Auto (Geely) held a ceremony in the newly built Houpu, Jiangxi 4S dealership for the simultaneous opening of over 100 4S dealerships in China. The simultaneous opening of 149 new 4S dealerships represent Geely’s continued upgrade of sales and service network across China in line with the upgraded product line. Also at the ceremony, Geely unveiled their ongoing “Geely Satisfaction” project which aims to raise customer satisfaction beyond all expectations throughout users lifecycle.

Total investment for the 149 new 4S dealerships was over 1 billion RMB which included 65 newly built dealerships and 84 upgraded dealerships. Among the new dealerships, 39 have joined Geely from other brands. The immense interest in expanding the Geely Auto sales network and joining Geely Auto as a new partner shows the confidence that dealers have in the brand.

Geely Auto’s new 3.0 era standards for sales and service stipulates that all new dealerships must adhere to Geely’s new high standards and brand requirements. Potential new dealers must demonstrate the ability to provide high-quality services matching Geely Auto’s 3.0 era refined cars and providing customers with a comfortable experience throughout the whole purchasing and after sales process.

Thanks to Geely Auto’s implementation of their “Refined Cars Development Strategy,” the brand has grown by leaps and bounds over the past three years, from annual sales of 766,000 vehicles in 2016, to 1.247 million in 2017, and now in 2018 to 766,000 vehicles in just half a year, ranking fourth overall in sales and first amongst Chinese brands. Geely Auto’s tremendous growth and new refined product line has inspired its partners. In the latest JD Power China Dealer Attitude Survey, Geely Auto rose from 21st place in 2016 to 13th place, surpassing leading joint-venture brands in China.

Geely dealer confidence does not only come from Geely Auto’s momentum and prospects, it also comes from the improved profitability of its dealers. In 2017, over 95% of Geely dealers were profitable. Geely 4S dealerships sold an average of 1,314 vehicles per shop, an increase of 31% year over year. The strong performance of Geely’s products have attracted many to join Geely as partners. As of July 2018, the total number of Geely Auto dealerships reached 965. In the past two years, 125 dealers have joined Geely from joint-venture brands with American European, Japanese or Korean origin.

Since the beginning of 2018, the Chinese domestic auto market has entered a period of fierce competition and Geely Auto has transitioned from high-speed growth to high-quality development with over 1 million in annual sales and over 7 million current users and growing. Geely Auto has led through innovation creating high value-added products. At the same, through the “Geely Satisfaction” project, Geely Auto has followed through with high-quality service and the construction of high-quality dealerships in order to give users the best experience possible. High-quality products combined with high-quality service and high-quality user experience have become a winning combination for the brand.

By the year 2020 Geely Auto Group, the parent company to Geely Auto and the LYNK & CO brand aims to produce and sell 2 million cars per year.